Ocean Action, the Carbon Problem and Prof. Broeker

Sir David Attenborough spoke at the World Economic Forum last month and discussed environmental challenges we face - in the week that the Father of Climate Science passed away, I ask how can we tackle the worlds' carbon problem? Last month saw the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and one of the … Continue reading Ocean Action, the Carbon Problem and Prof. Broeker

Spotlight on… the Hippo

The Hippo - unlikely underwater communications expert This week, the focus is on the distant cousin of whales and dolphins and what we can learn about the evolutionary journey of marine mammals by studying them; What makes the Hippopotamus so interesting to marine biologists is that in them we can see a rudimentary version of the instruments marine mammals use to communicate underwater today. For … Continue reading Spotlight on… the Hippo

The Bucket List

This week’s blog was inspired by an issue of The Daily Mail - as improbable as that may sound. The headline read “HALF the world's wild animals have disappeared in 40 years” ; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2774395/HALF-world-s-wild-animals-disappeared-40-years-Humankind-held-responsible-familiar-species-lose-battle-survival.html I realise it might have been classic scaremongering journalism, but it’s really not far from the truth! In university we were often taught … Continue reading The Bucket List

Things that look like fish, but aren’t

FASCINATED BY MARINE MAMMALS (....and quite impressed by the odd fish) Hello! I'm a BSc Hons Zoology, and Animal Behaviour Masters graduate with a passion for marine mammal conservation. I've been lucky enough to swim with wild Bottlenose dolphins, study Humpback whales in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, live amongst the hoards of Grey seals in … Continue reading Things that look like fish, but aren’t

London’s Blue Whale (and its secrets…)

This week I visited the wonderful Natural History Museum in London. From the magnificent architecture to the incredible specimens inside, its a place that truly conveys the wonder the natural world. The building is a marvel in itself, every inch is carved stone archways and meticulously painted ceiling. When you step into Hintz Hall, the huge entrance … Continue reading London’s Blue Whale (and its secrets…)