Starbucks – A change of tack

These days we are all well aware of the plastic pollution crisis, and companies are all eager to prove that they aren't part of the problem. Restaurants and cafes in particular are in competition to cut down on straws and packaging, and to win the new greener generation of customers. The big chains such as … Continue reading Starbucks – A change of tack

London’s Whales & the Great Wars

This week Ive been based in the city of London, capital of England and a place filled with a rich history of man's relationship with whales. The links with this great city and the whaling industry run deep: there once was a time when every street lamp was fuelled by sperm whale oil, the ladies … Continue reading London’s Whales & the Great Wars

London’s Blue Whale (and its secrets…)

This week I┬ávisited┬áthe wonderful Natural History Museum in London. From the magnificent architecture to the incredible specimens inside, its a place that truly conveys the wonder the natural world. The building is a marvel in itself, every inch is carved stone archways and meticulously painted ceiling. When you step into Hintz Hall, the huge entrance … Continue reading London’s Blue Whale (and its secrets…)